Workshops and lectures

Workshops, lectures and cuddle parties

Tender Touch provides connecting workshops, lectures and cuddle parties. Focused on the following topics:

  • Touch and intimacy
  • Communication regarding boundaries, needs and consent
  • Deep listening, attention and safety

Connection and positive touch are nice to receive and necessary. Many people experience it that way and need it. There is multiple evidence that positive touch based on trust and mutual respect is good for body, soul, and spirit. Being connected, or experiencing yoga (which means being connected) with for example yourself, the people around you or nature helps you relax your system and communicate better. For example through the production and better flow of oxytocin in your body, also called the connection and compassion hormone (pet name: the cuddle hormone). Through positive touch, the production of oxytocin is achieved in a very natural way. 

You can expect the following during a cuddle evening or workshop:

  •   Contact with yourself & each other
  •   Being together
  •   Give & receive
  •   Trust and safety
  •   Communication regarding boundaries, needs and consent
  •   Connection & respect
  •   Cuddling & touch
  •   And above all have fun together

What can you expect at Tender Touch group events

By attending an evening or a workshop you will be empowered in real life when it comes to intimacy and expressing desires and boundaries. Besides, it is primarily intended as a very nice, relaxing and pleasant experience. The evenings and workshops include a joint opening, a relaxation meditation, followed by several exercises in pairs and with the entire group. You are always free to participate in exercises or not. After the exercises, it's time to relax, cuddle or just be. All activities organized by TenderTouch are about pure platonic connection and touch.

The open workshops are not balanced out on the same number of men and women. This for various reasons. The events are not intended to establish romantic connections. You can experience the exercises with all people in the group, both men and women, or people who see themselves as gender fluid. Also, there is much to learn about your thoughts and feelings about contact with fellow participants of the same gender or indicated differently. This is just extra learning and experience opportunity! And the experiences that people gain within the workshops concerning connecting with people of the same sex or different are often very positive and moving.

Book a workshop or reading for your own group or company.

Want to book a workshop for your own group or company?
This is possible!
Your own workshop is already possible from 8 participants.
All wishes and ideas are welcome and when possible we will do our best to facilitate this as well as possible.

Cuddleparty anyone?!

They are already very popular in America; the so-called Cuddle parties. In the Netherlands, this movement is slowly growing. A "cuddle party" is an evening guided by an experienced cuddle coach, where you can practice communicating, setting boundaries and learning to give and receive loving platonic touch within a safe and, above all, pleasant & casual environment. After a cuddly evening or workshop, you will go home relaxed and with a warm and happy feeling. During these evenings the code of conduct as indicated on this site apply. Besides, communication and respect for each other's boundaries are the most important and a lot of attention will be paid to this during these evenings.


No future events in the agenda.

Good to know for all events:

Om je lekker op je gemak en zo comfortabel mogelijk te voelen is het fijn het volgende zelf mee te nemen naar workshops:

  • Comfortable clothing such as yoga clothing, house suit or even your pajamas.
  • Minimum of half-length trousers to mid-thigh and tank top required.
  • Pillows and blankets are available, but you can also bring your own if you like.

Anonymous-about his workshop experience at Tender Touch:: I was very curious if I could keep my ground while cuddling with other people, I often tend to from heart to head. But because of the nice, quiet structure of the evening, the safe atmosphere that was put down and the exercises to feel and say yes/no, I was able to build it up step by step, while I could stay beautiful in my own space and feeling. A very special experience! I really enjoyed the connection with the other participants and came home fully charged! I found the atmosphere very zen.

-Together is better-

Workshops, lectures and cuddle parties