Deep listening coaching

Listening with full attention, coaching with compassion.

Deep listening is a listening technique that comes from Buddhism. Focussed being fully present without judgment. As a result, there is room for your own research and insights. Are you experiencing a full head and do you need an expert listening to you? I can help you create space and clarity within your thoughts and feelings. Together we can handle it! Listening with attention, coaching with compassion.

Why is listening so important?

To really listening brings connection. Because we all want to be seen, heard and appreciated. 
One of the best things we can do for our relationships is to really listen. When we listen without judgment and with full acceptance and compassion, there is room for healing in connections that you never thought you would ever experience. 

But you only have space to really listen to your loved ones and be present for them and yourself when you have been heard and seen enough yourself. And unfortunately, that is often what is missing. 

How often do we ourselves walk with worriers or negative thoughts on our minds. We spin our thoughts around like a hamster in the wheel and we can't get out of it. We try to be there for our loved ones, but first, we need so desperately to be really listened to ourselves. 

At Tender Touch you receive that space and the attention is completely focused on you. My coaching is based on connection and equality. I listen to everything you have to say. All your thoughts, brain farts, fears, obstacles, and uncertainties are welcome. Everything can be heard and seen without shame, guilt or judgment. If everything is allowed to be seen and heard, there will be room for exploring what it is you want and need, feelings of enthusiasm and seeing and feeling possibilities. 

What you can expect from deep listening coaching:

I bring all my tools and experience. You bring all your desires, fears and curiosity. And we work together with attention, compassion, curiosity and humor to get you back on track. 
Together we look at what you need, where you struggle, where you feel joy and where you feel blocked.

All different parts of you are welcome and you learn how to communicate with these parts of yourself with compassion and without judgment. Thanks to new tools and skills that you are given during the sessions and that you can deploy yourself. 

As with any good adventure, there are twists, unexpected opponents and unexpected help. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and perhaps even discouraged. Sometimes you feel great and it feels like you can handle everything again. And that is of course what we are working towards.

Your journey will go up and down in this search for your right balance. That is why coaching is an investment for an indefinite period. You may be back on the right track with a few sessions. You may also need a little more time and that is completely ok.
Life is an adventure and hopefully lasts a long while yet. It unfolds over time and an expert listening partner and a gentle nudge at the right moment in time, can make a huge difference. 

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-Really listening is a great gift-

Simone-about Tender Touch: What I have experienced with Kirsten is that I immediately felt at ease with her. Nothing was crazy or weird and everything was welcome. Being able to really be in the moment and feel seen and heard. It was a beautiful experience.

Listening with full attention, coaching with compassion.