Cuddle sessions, workshops, and deep listening coaching.

lachende vrouw zit achter een lachende man en omarmd hem in een lichte, warme ruimte.

Cuddle sessions.
A good cuddle session in full attention brings you back into your body. It helps you to experience needs and boundaries. It helps you communicate this, and increase the oxytocin hormone in your system. Also called the hug hormone.

Achterkant hoofd en schouders van een man met een wit t'shirt aan, met handen van de persoon die voor hem staat op zijn schouders.

Relaxation massage.
A massage helps you receive touch in an accessible way. Thanks to the pleasant touch and warm oil you can totally relax in your body. In addition, a good massage reduces skin hunger and increases the oxytocin hormone in your system. Also possible as a massage-cuddle combination session.

Een man en een vrouw zitten samen op een bed pratend en lachend. Hij onder een wollen kleed en zij met 1 knie opgetrokken.

Deep listening coaching.
With deep listening coaching, I use a listening technique that comes from Buddhism. focussed on being fully present without judgment. As a result, there is room for your own research and insights. Are you experiencing a head full of thoughts and do you need an expert listening to you? I can help you create space and clarity within your thoughts and feelings. Together we can cope!

Een man en een vrouw zitten tegenover elkaar met gekruiste knieën en handen op de knieën. En profiel, alleen benen en torso zichtbaar

Sometimes it is very nice to feel someone present next to you, without expecting anything in return. Especially during group activities and workshops it is nice and feels safe if extra attention is present. Certainly at those difficult moments. Tender Touch offers this extra guidance for workshop facilitators and group trainers.

Vrouw staat in een festivaltent, een grote groep zittende mensen op yogamatjes toe te spreken.

Workshops and lectures.
Tender Touch offers workshops and lectures on topics such as touch, intimacy, communication, and deep listening. With the aim of bringing more connection, understanding, and love into the world. Tender Touch hosts its own workshops. Moreover, Tender Touch can also be rented for festivals, events and for private groups.

-Self-care creates self-love-

Geoffrey about Tender Touch:
Kirsten Jense is a gentle and warm person. She knows how to touch people and how to influence them in a positive way. Her cuddle sessions are very unique as a service and work therapeutically with the processing of unprocessed traumas that you can still carry with you from your past (toxic conditioning). Definitely recommended as a touch therapist and coach!

Cuddle sessions, workshops, and deep listening coaching.