Kirsten Jense, mission and Mimi.

Tender Touch connection coaching is founded by touch therapy practitioner and coach, Kirsten Jense.

chi-n-ph-m-223833-unsplashPositive touch is one of our first necessities as a human being, from birth to the moment we leave this earth. It brings us emotionally and physically in balance and can help with various things as further indicated on this website. Unfortunately, as people, we have sometimes lost part of this contact because of the fast, demanding and digital world we live in. Or because of the personal problems and traumas we have experienced. Connection coaching through touch therapy and cuddle sessions within a safe and secure container is a way of coaching and therapy that has been received very positively in countries such as America and England for a number of years and is growing enormously. The effects of this method of coaching are experienced as very effective and healing.

Introducing Kirsten Jense

Kirsten Jense. Experience expert, cuddlist, coach and creative mind. I am experienced in working with people and offering coaching and support in cognitive, emotional and body-oriented areas. Partly due to my work experience within mental health care. The different education and training that I have followed. Among other things, guiding specific target groups, guiding relatives of people with psychological problems and / or addiction, Ayurvedic massage and multiple training sessions to become a professional touch therapy practitioner and deep listener.

Due to several negative and traumatic experiences in my youth, I lost the connection with myself at a young age. So I quickly developed a negative self-image. What has been expressed later in my life in depression, isolation from others and an eating disorder. Fortunately, a few years ago I was able to make a good start with reconnecting with myself. This has greatly helped me with self-acceptance and healing, both physically and emotionally. Body-focused attention, therapy, and yoga have helped to balance my thinking and feeling. "The issues are in the tissues" such as the wise American experience expert and yogi Nicky Myers says. This means as much as emotional struggles and trauma literally get stuck in your body. Partly for that reason they also need a body-oriented approach to be released. I personally agree with that. I have repeatedly seen in my work experience and within my personal circle that body-oriented forms of therapy, coaching and self-development certainly contribute to the speed and depth of someone's personal growth and healing.


The mission of Tender Touch is to help people by offering body-oriented coaching and the possibility to receive what he or she needs. Because I personally have experienced what impact it can have on your life if you lose connection with yourself and/or others and what power it gives to regain it again. I call my way of working connection coaching. The request for help you can ask for at tender Touch can vary from just wanting to relax & de-stress, relieving a feeling of loneliness or recharging your oxytocin & dopamine levels; To the more therapeutic work aimed at healing trauma, relieving depression, learning to indicate boundaries and experiencing free choice again.

My method is open and curious, practical and intuitive. At Tender Touch you receive the attention and care you need to recharge and find the power to take the right/desired steps in your life. The power and energy to be able to connect more with yourself and with others.

Introducing Mimi the cuddlecat...

TenderTouchJuni2019-43This is my super sweet cuddle and therapy cat, Mr. Miyagi, nickname Mimi.

As a therapy cat, Mimi is very happy to help with the sessions. Are you curious about Mimi, read more about him in this blog.

Of course, not everyone likes having a cat present at his or her session, or maybe you are allergic to animals. This is no problem of course.
If this is indicated in advance, I will make sure that Mimi will play outside during the session. I also always ask this out during the intake, so that you have the choice to indicate what you prefer.

Joost about his experience with Tender Touch: My intention was to receive security and I wanted to go home again replenished. Both have amply succeeded. The atmosphere was completely relaxed, and I felt very familiar and safe with Kirsten. I'm looking forward to the next session in a while. Cuddling is delicious. Kirsten is a fantastic cuddle buddy. I am happy that I chose the four-hour session.

Kirsten Jense, mission and Mimi.