Space holding

Holding space helps the healing process.

Silent support helps you heal. Sometimes it is just so nice to feel someone present next to you, without having to do anything in return. Especially during group activities and workshops, it can be a very nurturing and safe feeling if extra attention is present. Certainly at those difficult moments. Tender Touch offers this extra guidance for workshop facilitators and group trainers. Holding space helps the healing process for which people often come to a workshop, ceremony or training.

What does space holding mean:

Saving and guarding space lovingly. Creating a safe container in which everything can be, without judgment or expectations. That is what the American concept of holding space means. Someone next to you who keeps the space safe and secure so that you can experience at your own pace what needs to be felt and seen by you, so healing can take place. 

What does a space holder do exactly:

  • Create a safe space with full attention and compassion.
  • Keep the space safe and secure, so that someone can experience their own process. 
  • Know when touch or interference is needed and more importantly, when not.
  • No unnecessary talking, providing information or giving advice.
  • Respecting boundaries and autonomy and not to take over.
  • No judging.

Allowing someone to rely on his / her own wisdom and intuition is so valuable.

So to not advise or take over, but only be consciously present. Thanks to the silent support of a space holder, someone can get the space and time to feel what they need to feel. Independent but not alone. Because the space holder sits next to you with attention and quiet compassion and supports you where necessary. Only when you need it. Thanks to this safe space you can open your heart and show your vulnerability. That is where healing can be found. 

Growing and self-development never go in a nice straight line. Because we always make mistakes somewhere along the way. A good space holder has no judgment on and helps you to not get lost in feelings of guilt and shame. This allows you to pick yourself up again and learn from mistakes. In fact, you may see a valuable gift in what did not go so well and you can learn and grow from it.  

As a space holder, I help guarantee space and safety as optimally as possible. I also help participants to elaborate on processes that may arise during a group activity such as workshops, ceremonies, and training sessions.

Curious about what I can do for you as a space holder?
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-Sometimes just holding space is all that is needed-

Chris about his experience with Tender Touch: What I liked was that I was allowed to be "small/vulnerable" and that I dared to express that wish. I know that I easily take over the supporting role, so I asked for the roles to be reversed and to be supported. When I changed positions, I put an arm around Kirsten and she was very good at noticing that I slipped back into my old habit. We had a good laugh about that. Later it happened again, but then it was ok. to leave it like that. We had moved to an area of ​​peace and relaxation in which my old habits were no longer present, had lost their importance. Relaxing. So what I have learned again is to trust the process & that it was so much easier to express my needs in this safe created space. So I could surpass my fear of judgment. It was a very powerful and beautiful experience!