Tender Touch Connection Coaching Rotterdam.

Practice for:

  • Touch therapy and cuddle sessions
  • Deep listening coaching
  • Spaceholding
  • Coaching
  • Full attention and connection

A place where you can experience what relaxing and therapeutic touch in full attention can do for you. Where all time and space is focussed on you and where you are listened to deeply and without judgment. Discover the power of an embrace from a professional deep listener and the beneficial and healing effect that this has on body, mind and soul.

Real connection heals

-Connection is what makes us humans feel human-

Have had a nice session. From the first contact on the phone there was a click. I felt very welcome. It helped me to stand up more for myself and stand up for what I need. Love and comfort. I understand that customers from Belgium and Limburg come to TenderTouch in Rotterdam. Professional and therapeutic cuddling. Highly recommended.

Leonie – Tilburg:

Kirsten Jense is a wonderfully warm person who knows how to touch people and influence them in a positive way.
Her therapeutic touch sessions are very unique as a service and work therapeutically with the processing of unprocessed traumas that you can still carry with you from your past (toxic conditioning). Highly recommended as a cuddler therapist and coach.

Geoffrey – Rotterdam:

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